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4×4 Tyres

We carry a range of 4×4 tyres; most manufactures make a highway terrain tyre for normal every day use on tarmac during summer months and an all terrain for when your mixing it up with off road, e.g. 50/50. They also normally make a mud terrain tyre for severe off road conditions. But remember most of these tyres will go hard when the temperature drops below 7 degrees and so they make a winter tyre especially for 4×4’s.

One of the biggest misconceptions is that I have a land rover or other 4×4 and don’t need winter tyres, when in the Alps they find a light nimble car fitted with winter tyres usually does better than a 4×4 on summer tyres due to trying to haul 2 ton plus uphill and then stop it when going downhill on tyres that have gone hard, it’s still down to 4 patches of rubber and in a lot of cases they have had wider summer tyres fitted for fashion which are useless in winter.




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