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Trailer Servicing

Stay on the right side of the law.

Have your trailer regularly checked and stay safe.

Why bother with a trailer service?

Although trailers have very little to go wrong, it is essential to remember that they are road going vehicles. Each part, however small, needs to be working efficiently. It is ‘Your’ responsibility to ensure that you trailer is always ‘road safe’ and legal by making sure it is not going to let you down or cause an accident.

Keeping your trailer in a safe condition helps increase its lifespan and keeps you safe in all conditions. We recommend that you service your trailer once a year or 5000miles (whichever comes first) to keep it in optimal condition.

Many faults are undetected due to a lack of servicing and are the major cause of breakdowns or accidents involving trailers. Faulty lights, brakes and worn or old tyres being the most common problems.

Whatever the type of trailer you own, we have an experienced team capable of carrying out work from inspection to parts replacement and servicing. To arrange a trailer service/inspection please contact us via email at sales@davidgreenbank.co.uk or phone on
01539 721585.

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